August 29, 2016

Beaches, Rain, and Beds

That about sums up the week! On Monday, we went to Destin and it was gorgeous!!!! Pictures are below! We got to go with our recent convert and his member girlfriend right before she heads off to FSU. I already miss her! They are our age and have become great friends of ours. While we were in Destin, I bought a pair of crocs flats, and boy am I glad.

The rain comes into this story as we were biking from an appointment to our next on Tuesday. As we got closer to our appointment, the rain got equally harder. As we got to the door, rain was pouring down my face. They didn't answer sadly, so we tried running to the nearest store for shelter, not even able to see clearly because of how heavy the rain was!!! We were soaked needless to say. Normally the rain would leave shortly after, but this time it didn't. We had a member come get us and our bikes. What a blessing!!! 
The next day, I had to go to the doctor because I was once again sick for too long. Dayquil just wasn't cutting it. I got a steroid shot and a zpack from our stake president/doctor haha. Then my companion got sick, so we spent much more time than normal in our beds. Through all of this, I got very down on myself. I also realized how selfish I had become recently. As I repented and started focusing on my companion's needs, I felt so much better. Yes, I have many issues of my own, but I really need to learn how to manage those and remain unselfish at the same time. This is a new quest I am on. 
I feel like we are on the edge of some true greatness in Niceville. As Sister Etcitty and I adjust to this new companionship, I feel that we are going to see some amazing success here. Maybe it will be in small ways, but I know it will come. I love you all and I am about out of time, so here are a bunch of pictures!
-Sister Peterson
I found Cheescake factory cheescake!!! Yay! (that's for you, mom :)
 Me at Destin
 We got soaked
 Taught a penguin #GoldenInvestigator
 Saved a Turtle (hope that was sabbath approved ;)
 I got a haircut!!!


August 22, 2016

A Year...?

I guess I hit my year mark this week. Don't worry, I did have cake :)

Things have been crazy as I try to learn my new area and companion. I forgot how much work it could be! The insane amount of people here helps with that as well.
Before I get too carried away, my tender mercy this week was singing with the ward choir. I miss singing like that so much and it was just so edifying! I could feel the spirit work through me as I testified of the divinity of Christ through song. I am so grateful for the gift God has given me to sing. It brings me joy, and I love to see the joy it brings others. 
So, this week in district meeting, we talked about inviting people to baptism. Being that I am new to the area and have no problem asking people bold questions, I asked this long time investigator about baptism. My comp didn't tell me this beforehand, but apparently the lady had been up and down with baptism and joining. When I brought it up, she said that she had been praying about it and actually wanted to be baptized! We set a date with her right then and there. We also have a part member family, where the wife has been investiating for two years. She is ready to set a date as well. It's just so exciting!!! 
I am learning so much with Sister Etcitty. I love her and I am so glad to work with her. We have a lot in common, including our personal struggles. Now we can work together to come out of those trials stronger and better. 
Sorry this is short, but I didn't know what to write today. I love you all and I am just so stinking grateful for the atonement of Christ! Please, everyone read the article "Rooted in Christ" by Elder Clayton in the August Ensign. It's amazing! 
-Sister Peterson


August 16, 2016

Is This Stake Conference?

So, I now reside in Niceville, Florida. It is a nice place, and it is also much more populated than Madison. That was quite the adjustment. I grew to really enjoy the slow southern lifestyle. Now I am in a military town full of tons of members. When I went to church yesterday, I felt like I was at a stake conference. I haven't been to a sacrament meeting even close to that large since I left home!
Leaving Madison was very hard for me. I really found my comfort zone and I loved our members and investigators. Thankfully, things have been easier ever since I left. I just had to get in the car and drive away. It was also really comforting to ride with president to my new area.
My new companion is Sister Etcitty and she is just simply amazing. She is a convert to the church of 2 years now, she is from the Navajo tribe, and she is hilarious. She's been out for 9 months now (came out with my last companion). Doing missionary work with her is so fun. We get lots done, and we have a ton of fun while doing it.
We also had a baptism this weekend! Christian got baptized! His parents even came to that and his confirmation. He is like the long lost friend I didn't know I had! It has been such a blessing to love the people here. It has made it easier to transition.
I just want you all to know how much I love this gospel. I have had so much fun teaching it! We taught 9 lessons in one day just with how much fire we have as new members of the church. I know that this is truly the restored church of Christ here in these latter days. We don't have much time left to make sure that everyone has a chance to accept it, so we better share as much as we can! Every person deserves this great joy!!!
Love you all!
-Sister Peterson
Our Mix Tape Cover
 Real Baptism Picture
  I am on the beach now, so I look like it :)


August 8, 2016


This week was so bitter sweet. We were finally able to watch Cedric enter the waters of baptism, but I got news that same day that I am getting transferred to Niceville, Fl. My new address is:
734 N Palm Blvd.
Niceville, FL 32578
I am pretty heartbroken as I leave Madison. I love this area and the people. I love the southern culture. I am now returning to the city though, and to a very large ward. I have not been in a large ward since I left home almost a year ago. It will definitely be an adjustment.
Oh, but the baptism! Cedric was so excited. He had been waiting a while (Had to get to church enough times). When he came up out of the water, he shouted "Yeah! Thank you!". His family all started clapping. It was not your average Mormon baptism hahah. The branch has taken such good care of him though, so I know I am leaving him in good hands. Sister Johnson will definitely take good, probably better, care of the area.
These last few weeks, I have really been studying adversity. I am just so grateful that God has given me adversities. I received a priesthood blessing this week, and in it, I was told that He won't quite yet take the trial I am in from me. I realized in that moment, that this is so that I can be with God. It is such a magnificent sign of His love for me. He loves me so much that He is willing to send me trial after trial so that I can be near to Him. I hope that we all can turn to our Heavenly Father in these times, rather than away from Him.
I love my Savior, Jesus Christ. He is always there to comfort us in times of need. He loves us and wants us to know that. Please, turn to Him. Don't turn away when the going gets tough. That is exactly what Satan wants. Don't give him what he wants! You deserve happiness, and that comes through choosing to turn towards your Heavenly Father. I know that this is Christ's church, restored on the earth in these latter days. I am so grateful that I was grafted in at such a young age. I pray that you all will recognize how great a gift it is to be a member of HIS church.
Until we meet again,

-Sister Peterson 
 Cedric, us, and his nephew Malcom
 Madison Four Freedoms Statue at night
Me and our building
 Best District Ever :)
 Us and the Wests. Notice Max sleeping. We love that kid!


August 1, 2016

July was rumored to be the worst month of the year when I came out on my mission. As of today, I have survived the deeply anticipated torture. Sadly, we have heard that August is actually worse. Our response: Game on.
This week was just straight up weird. We went to Tally for exchanges on Tuesday after district meeting. We were there till 3 the next day and then went to visit Tammy and her daughter at the hospital while we were there. Tammy is now a grandmother! The baby was adorable! We didn't get home till dinner at 5, and then we went to support the primary in their summer water party. While we were there, members noticed we had a flat tire. "So that's what that little light meant when we drove to Tallahassee on Tuesday...". We drove over 100 miles on a flat tire. Oops. He filled it and we went to our first actual lesson of the week.
The next day, we realized that we would have to drive to Tallahassee on a spare. So, we did. We figured that would only take a few hours. We were there from 1 to 6:30, having to cancel almost all of our appointments. We got a lesson in that day though.
Finally, Friday comes around and we were able to do some real missionary work. Saturday, we volunteered for half of the day. Our branch put on a breakfast for all the first responders in the area to show our support. It was super cool and a lot of people came out!
Sunday came super fast in response to all of this. It was the greatest Sunday of my mission though. This is simply because we had the most people come to church. We taught hardly any lessons for what our average is, yet, we were still blessed to see 3 investigators come to church and 7 less actives. What a miracle. God is constantly reminding us that His hand is still here, guiding us and answering our prayers. I am just so grateful for all that we get to see happen here.
This Saturday, Cedric will get baptized!!! He is ready. We will have the whole branch there and we are inviting anyone and everyone! I can't wait to see this great man come into the fold of God.
I am so grateful for all of you that helped me come into the Gospel. Fellowship is so important. All it took for me was a friend. You all have non-member friends, even family. They need this just as bad as we do. Please, don't be afraid to share your great happiness with them. Your missionaries need people to teach, and God is letting them wait on you to share those people with them.
I love you all and I hope you have a fanastic week!
-Sister Peterson
I forgot to mention that on our exchange, Sister Hannig had to climb through the window to let us in. Her companion had the key to the apartment.
 Campaign in town to support the police
 First Responders and branch
 Breakfast cooking warriors! (Bro. Delk on left, Matt on Right)
 I am still a kid :)