April 25, 2016


So... We may or may not have accidentally left the mission this week. In my defense, the GPS told me to and the car doesn't let you know when you leave. (the car tells me when I speed or don't wear a seat belt though...) We were driving to a member's house for dinner way out in the middle of nowhere and all of a sudden, we crossed the mission boundary. Oops! All the mission people acted like it was no big deal when we told them though, so I guess we are okay...?
Tuesday this week was crazy. We drove all over the place from here to Tallahassee and back. We got back just in time for dinner with the branch president and his wife. We had delicious pizza at this brick oven place in town. Then we spent all night finding formers who didn't want anything to do with us. Fun :)
The next day we spent a lot of time with old people, as per usual.
Thursday was an adventure though. We weekly planned, sang at a nursing home, accidentally went to Georgia, drove on a ton of dirt roads, and magically got back to Tallahassee for our exchanges.
I spent all day on Friday in Tallahassee on TCC campus! That was an amazing experience. So many people my age have been incredibly prepared to receive the gospel. Their hearts are usually soft and their minds are usually open. It is awesome! I got to really rekindle my testimony of the restoration of the gospel as I saw it light up other people's minds. They couldn't believe that Christ's original church was back! They were amazed!
The next day we drove home and saw some people with a member. She helped us a ton in our lessons.
The same happened on Sunday when we went out after dinner. First, dinner was with the Robinsons... All of them. This is like four different families in the branch all at one house together! It was a party! Then we went to deliver a bible that should have been delivered two months ago when she ordered it. She already found a church. There is still lots of potential with her though! Then we had a great family history lesson with a less active who loves genealogy. He lit up over the idea that these people need him so badly for their ordinances. I shared how much it hurt me to wait to be baptized. That is how his ancestors and all of our ancestors feel. We should not delay their work any longer! I urge you all to find their names and take them to the temple! If you aren't worthy to go to the temple, get worthy! I have seen many people change and become worthy and I know you can too. The missionaries would be more than happy to help you. They love you as do I. Help your ancestors feel the way you did when you were baptized or went through the temple! It's not about us, after all.
I love you all! Have a great week!
-Sister Peterson
PS: I forgot to mention that we ate spaghetti with our hands on Wednesday. It's called a fireman's dinner...?



April 18, 2016

Came in Runnin!

Everyone keeps saying that we came in running. I am so grateful for just how the Lord has blessed us here as we have tried to find people to teach. This week we gained two new investigators and several other potentials! We also were fed dinner every night but one. Holy Cow I am going to gain weight here!!! It's okay, I am planning on trying to start running. I haven't done that since middle school, so this will be quite the feat.

I am too lazy to do day titles this week, so bare with me. Being lazy has been the story of my life lately. Not as to missionary work, but housework and such.
We had zone training in Tallahassee this Tuesday. It was all geared towards becoming better missionaries. Normally these give us good ways to teach and find, so I was really hit by the contrast. With so many missionaries going home early, this is exactly what we needed. They gave us a lot of commitments, but somehow I was able to keep all of them! We have spent the rest of the week doing our best to find less active members, referrals, and investigators to teach. We have been pretty successful! We have run out of things to do a lot, but we just pray and go find something! We have to stay busy to please the Lord! There is such little time that we have here to work. I can't even imagine wasting a second of it.
Saturday there was a festival called "Down Home Days". It occurs right downtown, outside of our apartment. We were out all day in it trying to contact people and enjoy the festivities! It was so fun. We have definitely made a good impression on some of the people out there. That's so important here with the impression people have of Mormons. All the churches are pretty much united against us. Just another sign though of the opposition Satan tries to bring to the truth. My attitude is always "Challenge Accepted!". On the bright side, I tried gator tail this week!!! It was delicious!!! Who would've thought?
Things are going well here in this small country town. God definitely has His hand here, preparing people for us and the members to find! I know that as we develop faith, God will be allowed to bring miracles into our lives. I am working on my faith, as I have noticed I have a lot of work to do.

Remain positive and look to your Heavenly Father in all that you do. He has, and always will be there for you when you need Him. I love you all! Have a great week and go study conference for goodness sake!

-Sister Peterson


April 11, 2016

Welcome to Madison, FL!

Man it has been an insane week!!!
Monday: "Farewell, Best Friends!" Saying goodbye to Taylor and Travis was sooo hard. I love them to death. It's okay, I will be getting photos and updates from em :) We spent all day getting me ready for transfers basically.
Tuesday: "Did I even Eat?" We were so busy! I skipped lunch just to pack! Then we went to Ermilisa's to say goodbye :( That was really hard. Again, it's okay haha. Then, Jonathan was asking us to come over. He accepted a baptismal date!!! It's a soft one, but he basically said that if he's in town, he will be in that font! Yay!!! We have been working so hard with him! Sister Mihalik did feed us dinner and fix a few of my skirts, thank goodness. I also got an update at institute on Ashley. She is doing much better than we thought. She's calmed down and doesn't really hate the church. She is attending sacrament and even watched all of conference. I needed that. I literally started crying when I heard she was doing alright. I am definitely able to leave in peace now. The rest of the night, Sister Hilton helped me pack. I only have the bags I came with!! yay!!
Wednesday: "Goodbye Pensacola!" We had an early breakfast with Marina and we packed a bit more. Eventually it was time for me to leave. We waited forever, then I got the car for Madison! It's all ours! I picked up and dropped off sisters all day with the transfer van to Tallahassee. Then I finally got my companion. By the time we got to our apartment, it was 9:30.
Thursday: "We uh, planned and stuff". So my companion and I are both new to the area, meaning we are whitewashing. We spent all day unpacking and trying to figure out the area. We did see someone that night. Did I mention that Sister Brandt had actually started her mission here??? Super helpful! I am killing her off this transfer (she's going home in 6 weeks). We got right to work after we figured things out.
Friday: "Go Teach!" We just taught a ton all day. That's about it. Lots of old people who don't make sense.. Then we met some cool young people though! Also, our one potential baptism lady! She's super sweet.
Saturday: "Go meet some more people" We met some people! Saw a lot of less active members. My favorite was at this one guys farm on this giant pond. It was beautiful. I missed this type of scenery so much! He was a cool, typical country guy! He gave us some beef and pork sausage on our way out from his farm. I couldn't resist the sausage. It was good. Hopefully I don't get sick. I think I might have a bit.
Sunday: "We Love Missionaries!" This branch loves us and missed having missionaries!!! Everyone wants to feed us and help us in any way. It is great. I feel such a great vibe here. I already love em! That night, we went out to do splits with members of the branch in what they call rescue. It is just like my YSA ward's outreach night where we go with members to visit less active members in the ward. We then had dinner with our super fun branch mission leader and his wife. They are recently returned missionaries and super fun to work with! I definitely got a lot of brownie points with my sass. I don't know why, but southerners love sassy people. I fit in well!
Man, I love you all and I am on fire with excitement to build the work in this area! We are basically starting from scratch. The elders really didn't do much here. In there defense, sisters do better in this area. Here we go!
Oh, enjoy all the random pictures I took this week.
-Sister Peterson


Sorry, I forgot to send my address if anyone wants it!
141 N Range Ave #2
Madison, FL 32340


April 4, 2016

Trying Times Are Signs of God's Love

Oh, I am getting transferred!!! I will be going to Madison, Florida. It is some small branch east of Tallahasssee!!! Don't write me until I get you my address next Monday!!!
This week was quite probably the hardest one of my mission. I have been pretty honest with all of you, and I want to keep it that way! Missionary work is not all flowers and sunshine. Those are the small, beautiful and precious moments that keep us going through the seemingly endless, dark and dreary moments.

The light at the end of my tunnel this week was General Conference. I loved it so much. There are so many things I want to go back and study later as well! I hope you all go back and study these talks and liken them to yourselves! There is so much to gain from them and they are truly designed specifically for our day and time. What a blessing it is to have modern day prophets and apostles.

I am not going to give day titles this week just for sake of time. Basically, this week our recent convert, Ashley, had a big falling out with some people from institute. There were a lot of misunderstandings and a lot of fingers were pointed at myself. I have spent a lot of time this week reflecting, repenting, praying, and crying over it. Our zone leaders even called us and explained to me what I did wrong. Not my companion, just me. I have taken this as an opportunity to be corrected with grace. Though I may not be happy with how things have been handled, I can still turn this into an opportunity to grow. My companion and I have been heartbroken, but we have had an amazing week in the field when we have pushed ourselves to work.
We gained an amazing new investigator who is incredibly prepared. I am so sad that I will not be here to teach her, but I know that she will go far!
Also, our friends Taylor and Travis had their baby, Roman!!! He's adorable. It has been amazing to see the change in Travis. I asked if he felt different, and though he said no, I can see a change in his countenance. 
I am going to miss Pensacola so much. It breaks my heart to leave. I have seen this area completely change. But I guess it is my turn to do that again with Madison. I love you all and am so grateful for the support and love I receive from you! Have a great week!!!
-Sister Peterson