December 26, 2016

Boy oh Boy! This week was a great one! I feel like we just had a party all week. But, you know, the kind that is totally missionary approved and involves preaching the restored gospel.

It starts with Monday. That morning, I felt really impressed to give some food we had from the Christmas party and a blanket I didn't use to this homeless person we teach in front of the library. It turns out she needed some other things. She was just having such a hard day. I felt impressed again to testify to her that she is a daughter of God and He sees her as such. It felt so good to follow a prompting to serve another daughter of God.
On Tuesday we went and saw lots of people with Linda! She even came in to a lesson that she usually stays outside for. She got along just great with this less active couple that would come to church on Sunday! Miracles ;)
Wednesday was a BLAST! We drove to Pensacola to go to the Christmas conference. It started out like a normal conference, with training. Sister Richins and I were prayerfully chosen to teach on the baptismal service. It went super well! We role played it that morning just to make sure!

Then the music got started. I choristed all the group stuff, of course. I sang with the choir, which was directed by President Smith. He had sooo much fun directing us. An elder in my district did this really cool version of Lullaby by Billy Joel. He rewrote it to be a lullaby to Mary, the mother of Christ. That was sweet. He also accompanied me while I sang "On a Still and Starry Night". Everyone said that went well, and I did really feel the spirit while singing it. That song has just such a powerful message. 
We then got to eat a good Christmas meal. I had fun getting to know some of the other sisters on this half of the mission, then the skits from all the districts over here. They were all soooooo funny. Sometimes it helps to make light of some of the awkward circumstances of a mission. We did a rendition of the Grinch with missionaries. I was Cindy Lou Who, asking the Grinch why he was taking all the lights from the church the night before conference! The elders did a great job of writing that! Our zone then proceeded to win the minute to win it games. I love this zone so much. They love to have fun, they are hard working, and we all get along just so well.
Thursday and Friday were more of a missionary grind.

Saturday morning we visited some of our older members and gave snowflakes to our friend Debbie at the nursing home. Then we went to work with the elders on some area organization. After that, the party began! We went to Doug and Linda's for a dinner and some games! We played Uno, which is pretty much my favorite. We all wore our Christmas pajamas to get in the spirit as well :) 

Christmas morning was great. We opened gifts, and then got ready to go to church. The sacrament service was amazing. Hal and Gypsie, our less active members that rarely get Sunday off, came and sat with us. It was tender for me to watch them partake of the sacrament after such a long time. The program was mainly music with small talks from our high council men. (Half of the High Council comes from our ward). There were so many people there though! It was just wonderful. Afterwards, we went to have brunch at the Langi's. I love that family! They are half  Poly and a few of their cousins were there as well. We all skyped, ate, and played games. After being there most of the day, we went and ate with a recent convert/returning member family the elders work with. We played more games and just bonded with our fellow members. It was a great day. I really felt like I was hanging out with my family. That made it so much better.
Now here we are, the day after Christmas. If you will recall, the challenge at the end of the Light the World campaign was to take an idea and apply it this year. Don't forget that! We can be better disciples all year round. There is no reason to wait until December to do so! I hope you all will join me in taking on that challenge! 

-Sister Peterson

PS: Here are the pictures my comp takes because my camera is broken...
Elder DeLaMare and the Giant Golf Ball Mail box
Christmas Eve at the Williams (Doug and Linda)

My Christmas day trap.
My comp has it as a tradition in her family. 

Christmas at the Langi's
Dinner at the Asberry's

December 19, 2016

Hello Everyone!
This week has been wonderful for the most part. Sister Richins and I have just had a lot of fun as we attempt to go and serve the Lord.

Monday I got to witness Sister Richins first taste of sushi! It was a great meal! 
Man, the whole week flew by. I don't have my planner in front of me, otherwise I would give you a play by play. A highlight this week was teaching the Brooks family. We had met Bro. Brooks the week prior, but this week we were able to teach the whole family. They remind me a lot of my family back home. I am super excited to see them progress and hopefully help their children reach the waters of baptism.
Jhemerial met us at the library this week and we taught her, through the example of Christ, why we do proxy baptisms and why family history is so important. She is just so solid. Every time we meet with her, she has kept her commitment, and she always has fantastic insights. Her home life is making it difficult to get her to church though. I hope that we can get her to church soon!

I have been preparing this week for a training that our mission president asked my companion and I to do at our half mission conference this week. I am pretty nervous and a little confused as to why he asked us, but we hope to make it powerful. The topic is baptismal programs and what he wants to see us do to make them better finding opportunities. I also get to do a musical number at the conference! How exciting this week will be!
And for a funny story this week, I will attach a picture of us and our bishop this week at the ward Christmas party. He found the funniest suit! After the party, we took the leftovers as a ward to those who are less active. He gave us a special task. We were to go to a wine bar in Daphne and meet a member outside to deliver hers. She works there it turns out. I don't know how many missionaries can say that their bishop sent them to a wine bar... It was for a good cause and we have a new less active to work with now!
I hope you are all getting ready for Christmas right now. Everyone is out of school, on break. Please take this time to focus on and study about the Savior. He is the reason for the season. I am so grateful that as a missionary, I haven't had the time to think about what I am getting for Christmas or what I am eating that day. I just want others to be a part of our congregation that wonderful morning as we praise and remember Him.
Go and Light the World my friends!
-Sister Peterson
Bishop and the Party

Our tree


December 12, 2016

What a week. Sadly, I was sick most of the week, so not too much exciting happened. We had great lessons when we taught.
Wednesday, I was able to get out that night and we went to the pier, trying to meet new people! I told this one guy that I was called by a prophet of God, and he thought it was just so cool that we have prophets today just like they did in the Bible. That was something I also thought was just amazing when I learned about the church. Seeing those moments in the lives of others is exactly why I came out on a mission. 
Thursday I felt a little better, so we got out and taught people. Turns out our less active, Sister Giles, was in the hospital and needed some Diet Dr. Pepper. It's her favorite, as well as mine, so I understood the need. We bought some and came and visited her. She is definitely one of our favorite people to teach. I feel like we learn more from her than she ever does from us. Our goal with her is to always help her have the faith and strength to endure to the end. She is a valiant servant of God, here to be a light to others. 
The next day we had a family history workshop in our library, and we met a new person! She wants to meet with us for more help. It has been so cool to see how the Spirit of Elijah softens people's hearts towards the gospel. I can't wait to see what happens with her. 
Saturday was a great day though. I was finally feeling better. We had a great coordination meeting with our ward mission leader. He is so helpful! He taught at the MTC for three years, so he really knows his stuff. After lunch at Olive Garden (what a tender mercy that was), we went to the elders' baptism for Vince Asberry. It was wonderful. This ward has had baptisms in the last week. It has been just amazing! After all that, we went and tried some families in our area. We met this super awesome less active family that told us they were low hanging fruit!!! I am so excited to teach them. All they need is a little push, and they will be great active members. We also met a former investigator that would love to have us back!
That night, we went to a couple people's homes. We rang Debbie's doorbell twice and she didn't answer. As we were walking away, she looked out the window. I waved and she came out and invited us in!!! We proceeded to have a super powerful lesson about the restoration. She accepted the invite to be baptized when she knows it is true. I LOVE THE RESTORATION!!! 
Yesterday, church was really good. I received so much revelation because the spirit was so powerful. Some of it was hard to receive, because God definitely wants me to do some hard things in this life. The peace that comes with knowing His will and receiving direction is so wonderful though. I can't bear even the thought of not doing what He needs me to.
I hope you are all having a wonderful week preparing for Christmas. Don't forget to spread the wonderful light of the Savior. I invite you all to study Matthew 5:14-16 and see what you can learn about His light. 
-Sister Peterson
PS: My address for those who have been asking is:
320 Volanta Ave. B-4 
Fairhope, AL 36532
Ginger Bread houses at the party

Sister Richins and Delaney at Froyo :)
Alligator in front of the hospital we carolled at!
We taught a family history class!
Daphne Christmas Parade

Got stuck behind a Cotton Gin. #AlabamaProbs 
Mobile Bay in Fairhope :)


December 6, 2016

Light the World

Hey everyone!!! Sorry in advance, as I do not have too much time to email today. This week was also just amazing. I wish I could tell you all about it, but that would take up too much time. So, I will do most of the story telling through pictures.

We had sister's conference this week. The whole mission of sisters got together and we were VERY edified. 
Angela got baptized this Saturday! It was a beautiful service. I got to give a talk on the Holy Ghost and testify of the wonderful experience it is to have the full companionship of the Holy Ghost once you are confirmed. 
Our Stake had a nativity this week! It reminded me of home. I can't wait to hear how Arlington's goes this weekend!

The rest of them: We had zone conference yesterday, and all the sisters stayed in our apartment afterwards. Now we are having a zone activity all day. I am having fun. 

I titled this "Light the World" as we are doing that in Daphne and Fairhope. I encourage you all to check out the website and take on the challenge of serving others everyday. I heard something yesterday in Zone conference that I just loved. One of the elders said "We have been called to serve, not to be served." I loved that and I want to live by that everyday. 
I love you all! Have a great week!
-Sister Peterson