March 9, 2017

 Arlington Stake President Williams released Sister Amanda Peterson
as a full-time missionary in the Florida Tallahassee mission
for the Church of Jesus-Christ of Latter-day Saints
in the Nichols' home on March 9, 2017!
The Arlington Ward Laurel class presidency
made a 'Welcome Home' sign for her :)
'Welcome Back' Amanda after serving well and faithfully
for 18 months! ❤


March 6, 2017

Well Done My Faithful Servant

Those are the words I hope to hear from my Heavenly Father in reference to my mission. As I was praying last night, I felt that those will be the words I hear from Him.
Can you believe we are here now? My last email from my mission. And what a week it has been. I will first talk about that, but my testimony will  be at the end.

Monday night, we helped Debby get stuff at the Mardi Gras parade. My back was ruined from then on after holding tons of beads on my neck and bending down every second. 

Tuesday we were able to catch quite a few people and drive in the middle of nowhere to see this lady who is now Methodist. She was super sweet and taught us about living in an area where it floods a lot though. Less active members just really strike me, though. They always are super open and friendly, they just don't want to come. The conundrum of my mission. We ended the night celebrating fat Tuesday with the Boxx's, red beans and rice, as well as King Cake!

Wednesday we had a zone training. It was such a good training. I learned a lot and wish I could be here longer to implement the things taught. Missionary work is truly moving in amazing directions across the world. The Lord is still hastening His work, step by step. I learned some things I hope to apply as I go home. 

Thursday went completely not as planned. We ended up meeting this guy at McDonalds and taught him for like two hours. He accepted the challenge to read the Book of Mormon and find out if it is true though! We had dinner at the Quinelly's that night though. It was such a sweet gathering. I love how members feed off of the spirit we bring to their home. I always feel so good when we can enter their homes and share a message. 

Friday was super random too. We were able to teach Derriyah though! She is so solid. I hope the new sisters can help her out. We had our last dinner with the Langi's that night as well. What an amazing family. I am just so grateful for all the connections I have made here. These members are truly amazing. 

Saturday was super busy. We left early for a family history class at the fancy old folks home, then rushed over to the church for a big church tour for this interfaith group. They are trying to instigate some positive dialogue between Latter-Day Saints and Evangelical Christians. So, they have prepared a trip to Salt Lake and Provo to speak with members of our church as well as their own. We were answering some of their questions and teaching them about Sunday worships. Then we ran down to Fairhope to go to lunch at the Grand Hotel in Point Clear with two of our classiest members :) We call them Southern Debutantes. Boy that was classy! But, on the way there, we found out that Sister Richins is also leaving Fairhope and training. We then spent the rest of the day preparing for that. She's been pretty stressed. I on the other hand, am totally packed and am just trying to get my bike situation figured out. 

Sunday was pretty special. We had a wonderful fast and testimony meeting, mainly about the Atonement of Christ. I bore my testimony. I wanted it to be about what I learned on my mission, so I focused on the Atonement of Christ. Prior to my mission, I didn't even know that repentance was for more than the ten commandments; that I could repent daily as a tool to literally become like Jesus Christ. It was wonderful being a tool for the Lord on the stand as I felt the spirit and bore testimony of the things I have learned for a fact these last 3, almost 4 years. 
After church, we went to lunch at Doug and Linda's. Classic :) We were able to see Angela one last time that afternoon. She was really sad we were leaving, but I reminded her that I can call her when I get home and that the next sisters are super awesome as well. 
Eventually, we went to the Mills for dinner. I love that family! We had a super fun time and I taught a completely different lesson on the spot. Good thing I have been doing this for a while. 
Other than that, we have been saying bye to people and we have been packing and cleaning. Want it to look nice for my best friends who are coming down from Atmore this Tuesday. We will be driving to Tallahassee Tuesday night. My companion is training and white washing Atmore!! It's pretty exciting, but super stressful as we are trying to get everything done!!! 

So, I wanted to bear you all my testimony for probably the last time as a young, full time missionary. I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior. He lives. He suffered so that we wouldn't have to, and His arms are stretched forth continuously. He has picked me up time after time, as I have fallen, been beat up by Satan, and almost given up at times. He knows us perfectly and loves us each uniquely. He knows you. God loves us so much, that after a time of great apostasy, He appeared to Joseph Smith and restored the everlasting gospel through him. We now have the Book of Mormon so that we can find absolute truth and prepare for eternity. I know that book is true and have known since June of 2013. It has changed my life and I read it every day. I know you all can find everlasting and consistent peace as you live the gospel of Jesus Christ and keep His commandments. It is a gift given freely to all who desire it. He loves us and did all He could so that we could be joyful. 
I love you all and am so excited to reconnect and see many of you! I will land in Seattle at about five pm on Thursday. Until then,

-Sister Peterson
Sooo many beads

 Sooo much pollen (my allergies are killing me!)
Elder Johnson forgot that it wasn't an emergency...Right before a church tour...
Grand Hotel
So Crawfish Happened....

Elder Johnson won.

 More of the Lunch Crew
My comp found a funny hat
Transfers are crazy. I did this four times. That's my comp's stuff though.
I was way more organized this time.